6 Reasons to love tummytape for running while pregnant

I am currently pregnant with my fourth baby, and boy, do I wish I had tummytape 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my second!


This is actually my 3rd pregnancy that I’m running through. I have tried ALL sorts of belts, bands and kinesiology taping methods in the past to help support my belly and alleviate pregnancy symptoms.


tummytape has been an absolute game changer this time around in helping me maintain good form while running, decreasing discomfort in my pelvis and allowing me to run long into my 3rd trimester!


Already heard enough? Shop tummytape now. Or keep reading to find out why I love it so much!





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Some backstory

I’ve been a runner for 16 years now. I took up running when my first child was in kindergarten.


Since that first short jaunt around my block (where I had to stop more than once and was SO out of breath–hey, everyone has to start somewhere!), I have completed every distance from a 5k to a 50k, including some multi-day ultra events.


I didn’t have my second baby until 16 years after my first. During my second pregnancy, I experienced SPD/PGP (symphysis pubis dysfunction/pelvic girdle pain), and I was not able to run after 6 months of pregnancy.


It was during that time that I tried SO many different types of belts, bands, and kinesiology taping (KT) methods to try to help with the discomfort I was feeling.


Later, in my postpartum phase, I rehabbed extensively, putting together everything I knew and had learned about recovering from pregnancy-related pain and getting back to running safely.


By the time I became pregnant again with my 3rd, I settled on the use of KT or a belly band, and I was able to run (with some walking intervals) up until two days before I delivered!


Now, pregnant with #4, tummytape has been such a wonderful addition to helping me maintain good running form and for keeping my symptoms manageable so that I can keep running.


I’m 36 weeks pregnant now and still running a few times a week—this time without walking intervals!!

Here are 6 reasons why I've found tummytape for belly support to be superior to other things I've tried: 


6 reasons why I’m loving tummytape

tummytape has not only been ideal for running.  I've also found it useful for my work days, for hiking, gardening and for lifting weights.


pregnant woman smiling with baby belly supported by pink pregnancy tape


1. It’s not bulky

Unlike other belts and bands available on the market, tummytape is not bulky at all. 


It’s just a thin layer of tape that I can wear directly on my skin. No one can even tell that I’m wearing it!


2. It’s not constricting

My previous go-to belly band gets pretty tight around this third trimester of pregnancy.


I often have to fight to get it on. And getting it off after a workout or a run can be a workout in and of itself!


tummytape is not tight or constricting at all. It’s so thin, lightweight and comfortable to wear.


3. It keeps me cooler

Wearing an extra layer under my workout clothes is really the last thing I want to be doing when exercising or moving around at 36 weeks pregnant in the summer!!


Tummytape is thin and breathable and covers less skin surface area, so it’s much lighter and helps me to stay cooler.


4. It’s quick & easy

I’ve used kinesiology tape with my past two pregnancies and really like the support it offers.


However, because it’s more time consuming to put on–I have to measure, cut, trim, and then apply multiple pieces–I haven’t used it at all in this pregnancy. 


With two young kids at home, I don’t need to add more time to my routine. I’m looking to minimize it whenever I can!


The only KT that I’ve used this pregnancy is tummytape!


Because it’s all one piece, it is SO quick and easy to put on. It only takes me seconds to apply it!


5. I can leave it on!

After I put tummytape on before a run, I can leave it on to shower, dress and go about my day.


I can actually leave it on for several days and get the belly support I need long term.


Unlike other belly supports, I don’t have to take it off or put it back on with clothing changes, showering, or using the bathroom! This is definitely a bonus!!


6. Other benefits of tummytape

In addition to supporting the weight of my growing belly and providing that extra lift I need, tummy tape also helps to…

  • Provide postural reminders for my running and other regular daily activities
  • Remind me to have good form when running either on my treadmill or when pushing my two kids in the double stroller
  • Reinforce good posture and movement patterns with regular activities like cleaning the house, gardening, walking, hiking, or even picking up and carrying my kids
  • Decrease discomfort in my back, hips and pelvis so that I can stay active as long as possible through my pregnancy!

Why tummytape is superior to other methods of kinesiology taping

1. Unlike other methods of KT, tummytape is pre-cut and designed for the pregnant belly. Just peel and apply. No muss, no fuss!

2. The ends don’t roll like other KT I’ve used in the past. This means I get a longer wear time out of each piece, and that is a HUGE win!

3. I didn’t have to ‘learn’ a new technique for application. The clearly labelled steps 1-2-3 are so easy–it’s foolproof to apply the right way the first time.

    Pregnancy + Running + tummytape = SUCCESS!!


    pregnant woman running while pushing stroller

     tummytape has been a wonderful adjunct to supporting me & my growing belly through this, my 4th, pregnancy.


    It has helped me with my postural awareness, my running form and my pelvic discomfort so that I can continue running throughout my pregnancy!


    Going for a run or running after your kids?

    Give tummytape a try for relief of pregnancy related symptoms so you can stay as active as long as possible on the road, on the treadmill, on the trail or just in your backyard!!






    This article was written by Dr. Rachel



    Rachel Pope is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Specialist and Run Coach for Moms. She's a long time runner, hiker and mom of 4. To learn more, visit www.rachelpope.co