Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use tummytape during 2nd trimester?

    Yes, absolutely!. tummytape is designed to be used at any stage of pregnancy and is recommended to be applied as soon as you notice any type of discomfort, aches and/or pains. We also recommend using tummytape post-pregnancy to help with recovery.

  • Can I use tummytape during postpartum?

    Yes, absolutely! We recommend using tummytape post-pregnancy to help with recovery.

  • Can I wear my tummytape in the shower?

    Yes! Tummytape is water resistant which means it will stay on even if it gets wet. Just make sure you pat dry the tape with a towel.

  • Can I wear tummytape to bed?

    You bet!

  • Do I have to wait until my 3rd trimester to use tummytape?

    Definitely Not! As soon as you start to feel discomfort, reach for your tummytape!

  • How long can I wear my tape?

    Each piece of tummytape will last up to 7 days through sleeping, showering, and all of your daily activities.

  • Irritation can happen. What to do if tummytape irritates your skin.

    tummytape uses a high quality acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive designed to be worn on skin, however, a low percentage of people will still experience a sensitivity reaction.  If you are one of the people who has a reaction to the adhesive please remove the tape immediately.  Unfortunately, tummytape isn't for you. Please contact our team for a full refund.

  • Is this a one-time use?

    Yes, each piece can only be worn once for multiple days.

  • What if I am allergic to adhesives?

    Don’t worry! We have a sensitive skin option (Soft Touch Blush) that is water-based and works great for mamas who may have skin sensitivity or skin allergies.

  • Does tummytape hurt to take off?

    No more than taking off a bandaid! If you are worried or you know you have sensitive skin, just soak your tummytape with baby oil for approx. 5 mins to help loosen the adhesive.

  • How do I put it on?

    Watch our easy to follow how-to-apply videos.

  • How do you take tummytape off?

    When it’s time to take your tummytape off, gently pull your skin tight and slowly roll the tape off.

  • Should I stretch the tape?

    Oh No! Try your best to apply your tummytape with as little stretch as possible. Overstretching the tape can cause skin irritation and premature peeling.

  • Can Kinesiology Tape be harmful?

    Kinesiology tape is designed to be worn for many days and placing adhesive on your skin for a long period of time may cause allergic reactions such as rashes or skin irritation. If you have a history of allergic reaction with adhesives, we recommend you avoid wearing the tape for a prolonged period and test a small piece of tape on your skin before use.

  • How exactly does tummytape work?

    tummytape lifts your skin to allow blood flow in order to reduce inflammation and relieve pressure off the pelvic floor.

  • What does tummytape help with?

    tummytape will help to alleviate pressure off the pelvic floor and swelling which helps with sciatica, lower back pain, breathing difficulties, and general discomfort around the pelvic area.

  • What is tummytape made of?

    tummytape is made with a cotton-spandex blend and a 100% poly-acrylic adhesive. It is drug-free, latex-free, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic.

  • Why is tummytape better than other belly support products?

    tummytape supports without the bulk; put it on and forget it’s there! No need to remove belts or bands to go to the bathroom and no more bunched up clothes.

  • How long does it take to ship?

    Your order will ship out on the next business day using standard mail. Express shipping also available.

  • It didn't help, what do I do?

    No worries! Let our team know and we will work with you to make sure we get you the most relief possible.

  • What if I don't like my tummytape?

    If for any reason, you are not happy with our product. Contact us and we will make it right. If we can't solve your problem we will give you a full refund on your purchase price. We have a 100% Happiness guarantee. Learn more here.