tummytape How-To Videos

The following application and removal instructions were designed by doctors, body specialists and real world users. We are obsessed with providing the best kinesiology tape in the world for expectant mothers. 

How To Apply

Application is easy! Follow these simple steps to apply tummytape so you can experience unparalleled comfort.

Quick Tip!
For maximum comfort and effectiveness, don't stretch the tape during application.

How To Remove

Removing tummytape is easy! Follow our quick guide to ensure a comfortable removal.

Quick Tip!
Roll the tape instead of pulling for maximum removal comfort.

Tips From Our Fans

The experts designed it, now moms like you have made it their own. Get tips and tricks from other women on how to get the most out of your tummytape.

The Table Method Hack for Application

Removing in the Most Comfortable Way

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Learn About tummytape Benefits with Dr. Nick

tummytape was designed by doctors and is used by doctors worldwide. Get an inside look with Dr. Nick Martichenko.