umbeetape FAQ


How does it work?

Therapeutic tape has been around a long time and is often used to help our bodies work more efficiently. Physical Therapists have been using it to enhance muscle function, give support where there is weakness, reduce discomfort, among others. umbeetape is uniquely designed to take the guess work out of the application. It provides extra stability around the navel area to promote the body’s natural healing and promotes support and comfort for your little one. The tails are applied in a diagonal direction to support your child’s belly muscles as they use them to roll, crawl, sit up, and breathe. The flexibility provided within the device does not restrict your child, is incredibly light weight, and won’t slow them down.


How long will it take?

Every child is different, and those unique differences make us who we are! umbeetape is designed to support natural healing, which occurs over time. With each application you should see continued improvement. If there is ever a need to take a break from using it, you can always restart later on. On average, it takes between 7-10 applications of the standard cradle to get results that last.


How much do I need to stretch it while applying?

None! That’s the beauty of the umbeetape design. The perfect amount of support and flexibility is already built in.


My child’s belly button doesn’t fit into the center opening. Is that ok?

Yes, the center opening is meant to be able to monitor progress, give the belly button skin area freedom to fold and wrinkle back into place, and allow for proper bathing of the belly button area. BUT, DO NOT FORCE the device over any area that won’t go easily. You might just need a larger size. If that is the case, please contact us


When should I start to see improvements?

You should start to see improvements within the first 3 applications of the umbeetape, but results will vary. In general, the longer the belly button has looked abnormal, the longer it will take to improve.


My baby’s skin looks a little red after I removed it. Should I be concerned?

Our skin is magnificent and adaptive, but even wearing socks can leave a little redness after wearing. It is ok to continue use as long as the skin is back to normal within 24 hours. Never reapply the device over irritated or bumpy skin. Another great way to reduce the risk of skin irritation is to vary the angle of the tails with each application, so that they are placed on a different part of the belly each time.


Does it come in other colors?

umbeetape is made from the highest quality tape with a special adhesive that is gentle enough for a baby’s skin. Unfortunately, at this time this is the only color option that is available to us, but we are always looking to source new and more diverse color options.

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Do you have additional questions about umbeetape?

Reach out to our team and we will be more than happy to assist you.