Managing Discomfort During Pregnancy: tummytape vs. Belly Bands

Whether this is your first baby or your newest addition, physical changes during pregnancy can feel tiring, worrisome or even scary at times. Throughout the course of your pregnancy you are likely to encounter pain and soreness in various parts of your body.  To manage that pain there are an assortment of available products for you to choose from. Although the goal and intended lasting effects of these products are similar, only the unique and innovative tummytape provides you with the strength, comfort and confidence you need to get through your pregnancy! 

The aches and pains that are most often associated with pregnancy are immediately addressed with tummytape. Muscle discomfort, is a common complaint, especially in the lower back and pelvic region. Ligament ache and the intense, seizing pain that women frequently feel in the lower abdomen or groyne area are particularly concerning. Swollen feet, sciatica, and carpal tunnel pain are all other common pregnancy symptoms.

Considering that this is an all-natural and safe alternative, tummytape is the ideal choice for soon-to-be moms! Many pregnant women choose to take medication to help them cope with and control their pain. Many doctors, for example, recommend acetaminophen. However, we now know that the ongoing use of analgesic or pain relievers is not recommended.

The most typical and common postural aches and pains associated with your beautiful baby bump are reduced when you apply the tummytape to either the back or belly. The tape distributes the extra weight equally around your pelvis and abdomen.


Why should you choose tummytape over a belly band?

tummytape gives support without the hassle of hauling about a bulky belly band, which causes clothing to bunch up and not fit correctly. Can you image how uncomfortable it would be to have to remove a belly band every time you needed to go to the bathroom? We can't either! 

When you put too much pressure on your belly, your circulation might suffer. As a result, it can affect your blood pressure while also contributing to heartburn, indigestion, and dizziness. 

Kinesiology tape is an effective technique for dealing with pregnant pain since it may be applied directly to the area where it is needed, offering immediate relief. In comparison to belly bands, you will have to find the perfect fit for you, they can retain heat and may even scrape your skin. Using a belly band is not as gentle as tummytape, making your new pregnancy tape the perfect option for your growing belly. 

Many people who use tummytape have raved about how great it feels to be completely unaware that they are wearing it. It feels like it's just another part of your body. 


What is tummytape made of?

tummytape is free of drugs, latex, gluten and is hypoallergenic. It's created using a cotton-spandex blend and a poly-acrylic glue that's 100 percent poly-acrylic. 

The acrylic adhesive lifts your skin and fosters greater blood circulation, as designed by physicians with your health and comfort in mind. Like we said, all-natural comfort! 

tummytape is simple to use and provides relief from the discomfort that you may experience during your pregnancy. The thin tape is applied directly to the body, with a non-medicinal, medical-grade adhesive that adheres to the skin. 

When tummytape is applied to the skin, it provides immediate comfort and will continue to do so throughout the day and night. For 3-5 days, each treatment will provide the best benefits.

When applied, kinesiology tape stimulates the nerve endings in the skin. As a result, messages from neurons are sent to receptors and then to other neurons.  These messages reach the brain more quickly than your pain receptors do.  This process is known as ‘sensory gating’, and it helps to ease your discomfort and pain. 


For pregnant women who are experiencing pressure on their bladder, or continual aches in their lower back, this means comfort and happiness! You will also no longer feel pressure in your pelvic area as the inflammation is reduced. Not only will you feel better, but your future baby will also experience newfound comfort since its weight will be evenly distributed.


tummytape is the best choice over other pregnancy support aids. It's your innovative answer to pregnancy discomfort. Try tummytape for yourself. Shop our collection to find the tummytape that’s right for you.


This article was written by Doc Robyn.

Dr. Robyn Wilhelm, PT, DPT has over 19 years of experience as a Physical Therapist. She specializes in perinatal (pregnancy & postpartum) and core & pelvic health Physical Therapy.