3 Ways to Relieve a Heavy Feeling Belly

While it can be exciting to watch your belly grow and feel your baby kick and move around it can also come with a heavy feeling through your belly that can get exhausting. There are some ways to help decrease that heavy feeling and give you some relief.


1. tummytape to the rescue!

tummytape is a cotton-spandex blended tape that is applied to the skin on your tummy during pregnancy to help alleviate the feeling of heaviness and pain in your lower back, pelvic and can decrease the feeling of heaviness in your growing belly. It gently pulls the skin up from the tissues below to increase circulation, decrease inflammation and reduce pain. I love it for my patients because it’s easy to apply and can last all day! You can even wear it in the shower! It’s 100% worth a try especially because they have a 100% happiness guarantee on all their tapes. Try tummytape for yourself now!


2. Hop in the pool

Spending time swimming, water jogging or even relaxing in the pool can ease the heaviness you’re feeling through your belly. Swimming and water jogging strengthen your abdominal muscles which will help you feel better, and the buoyancy of the water makes you feel lighter and takes the pressure off your baby bump.

3. Ask a partner for support

Give your partner a scarf, towel or blanket and have them stand behind you with the scarf lifting up from the underside of your belly. You can rest your elbows on a counter in front of you and let them gently lift up and feel the weight of your bump fall away.

I encourage you to try all three of these tips and let us know what works best for you!